Do you ever feel like Appollonia?

A la “The Godfather,” a la “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday…”?

No idea what I’m talking about?

“Monday, Tuesday, Thursday” refers to a scene in The Godfather, Part I. Michael Corleone moves to Sicily and falls in love with the beautiful Appollonia. He tries to teach her to drive, but it’s not going so well:

MICHAEL (in Italian): It’s safer to teach you English!

APOLLONIA (in Italian): I know English…
(then in English): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Saturday… Andiamo!

So when my days begin to blur, and I don’t know if my audition or lunch or whatever it may be is on a Wednesday or a Friday (or which day comes first even) — I feel like Appollonia. All turned around with my days.

The past few years I had an audition on MLK day. This year was different, and I was actually able to enjoy the holiday, but I have to say…my days are getting a little overlapped.

And what’s crazy is that this comes from being busy, and also from being bored. And I am certain that it’s worse when it’s out of boredom (and your only gauge of time is when People’s Court ends, Oprah starts, and Ellen has stopped dancing).

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